The Columbus Maennerchor

Under the direction of Ron Markle, The Columbus Maennerchor (or Men's Chorus,) boasts a membership of around 50 men. Though the chorus was first formed by German Immigrants, and for many years, membership was restricted to men of German descent, the membership has broadened to include all ethnic groups who share a love of the German Music we work so hard to preserve for our community.
Founded in 1848, the Columbus Maennerchor is the oldest and largest continuously operating German singing society in North America. The 12 original founders of the club were German immigrants and decided to get together to sing songs from their homeland and share some good times. Using only 6 candles for the 12 of them they held their first practice on a Tuesday evening in October at 8 pm.

The Maennerchor still practices on

Tuesdays at 8 pm today! Those founders' names can be found all over German Village, in the street names and in businesses. We are proud of the contribution the German Culture has made to Central Ohio and hope to continue that proud tradition of excellence into the 21st Century.
Practices held Tuesdays at 8 pm in the Konzert Halle. For more information e-mail us at

The Columbus Damenchor

The Columbus Damenchor was formed in 1931 by women who wanted to make their voices heard in Columbus' art scene. Like the men in 1848, many of these ladies were new to this country and wanted to have a piece of home to keep here. What better than music! The Damenchor is dedicated to keep German Music alive and well in Columbus. The chorus has almost 50 members and is always looking for more!
The Damenchor performs a wide variety of music.  In addition to their German repertoire, you will hear folk songs from many other European nations and from America, as well as Masterworks.
Join us for practices on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. For more information e-mail us at

The Columbus Kinder- and Jugendchor

The Kinderchor was formed in 1969 by the Maennerchor, the Germania and the Swiss Club to assist the growing number of children in our German community in holding on to their heritage. 
Photo of the Columbus Kinder- and Jugenchoir
Currently, under the direction of Katie O'Keefe, the Kinderchor has 28 members.  These members are divided into two groups, the Kinderchor (for our younger children) and the Jugendchor (for the older children).   In the Kinderchor, we learn about music at its very basic level and learn how to pronounce the German.  The older students learn the basics of good singing practices and learn to sing in harmony.
Join us for practices on Tuesdays at 6 pm.


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Damen Sektion of The Columbus Maennerchor

The Damen Sektion was founded in 1903. The purpose of the Damen Sektion is to assist and support the Columbus Maennerchor in its many projects and to promote fellowship among the members.
The members consist of spouses of the Maennerchor and social members of the Maennerchor.

With the exception for December, April, June, July, and August, the group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Other events include a December Christmas Party, an April Anniversary Banquet, and a June luncheon.

The group does not meet in July or August. The group has sponsored trips for the Maennerchor and has made many contributions through its one hundred plus years.

Other Clubs

Through out the long history of the Maennerchor, the doors have been opened to groups in the community. One such group has been the Central Ohio Vintage Volkswagen Club. For several years, the club has met at the Maennerchor on the second Thursday of the month.
For several years, the club has met at the Maennerchor on the second Thursday of the month. The group has an average of 60 members attending the meetings and have had a few cars at the Maifest and Oktoberfest. The group of german car owners are so pleased to be meeting at the home for German song and culture in Columbus.