If you are interested in learning or improving your German language skills, check out the website of the Ohio German Language School.

Who they are

In the spring of 2008, Austrian, Swiss and German families in the Columbus, Ohio area came together with two common goals: First, they wanted to provide instruction in the German language -- reading, writing, grammar, and speaking --for children who, although their parents speak German, are growing up in America and speaking mostly English. Second, they wanted to instill a knowledge of and appreciation for the culture and traditions they remembered from their homelands. Toward that end, they established a local chapter of D.A.N.K. (Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress or German American National Congress, which provided organizational assistance for their dream: a German language 'immersion' school.

The Ohio German Language School was established to teach the German language to children and adults in the United States and to foster the culture and customs of German speaking countries. We are dedicated to providing a fun and enjoyable learning environment so as to enable the best possible German language instruction to students of all ages and ability levels. Further, we hope to contribute to an appreciation of the cultures and traditions of Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland.

The Ohio German Language School in Columbus is well-suited not only for kids whose native language is German and who are living in the U.S., or for children and adults of German-speaking descent, but also for any children and adults who simply want to expand their horizons by learning a foreign language.

As word spread, it quickly became apparent that there was interest beyond the German-speaking community, and enrollment was expanded to allow non-German speaking children as well as adults. Through careful planning, the dream became reality, and the first classes were held in the fall of 2008.

Classes are led by well-qualified and engaging teachers every Saturday morning during the school year at the Wellington School in Upper Arlington in Northwest Columbus.
Students have the opportunity to test their knowledge in exams (American Association of Teachers of German High School Tests and/or European German Language Diplomas). These tests are not mandatory, though older students who achieve outstanding results can compete for study trips to Germany.

Of course, it's not all work. Last year students participated in traditional cultural events such as Sankt Martinstag Umzug (Saint Martins Day Parade), enjoyed a visit from Sankt Nikolaus (Saint Nicholas), celebrated a traditional Osterfest (Easter party) and amused their parents with a dramatic production of Der Rattenfänger von Hameln (The Pied Piper of Hamelin).

We are a non-profit organization, and welcome donations, which help keep tuitions affordable. We have applied for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.